The Darkside of Techno-Education

Presented by Jonathan Masters
Educational Consultant and Author of The Throwaway Kids and Maggie Rose

October 6, 2020 Via Zoom

The Darkside of Techno-education challenges participants to examine their use, their children's use, and their students' use of devices and the outcomes created.  We'll delve into some of the negative trends, why they happen, and how to combat them.  It's a great seminar for the current climate because people have device fatigue and are looking for a healthier balance.

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Val Rogers, Health Services Coordinator for SPS District 186, named the 2019-2020 exceptional school professional 

2019-2020 exceptional students

Tayvian Mccrary, Matheny-Withrow
Beatrice Reynolds, Sandburg
Lauren Freemon, Ridgely

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